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We provide a full range of repair services for all bike brands of Bikes. We pride ourselves in offering the most complete parts selection in the area so you don't have to wait long for your bike to be repaired.

From complete overhauls to a small bit of technical advise, our service department is there for you.

All Repairs Please, Enter Through the shops Back Door. North Side of the Building

   Available at many different levels to meet your specific needs.

   Tune Ups Assume all bike parts are in working order. Charges apply if new parts needed.

Quick Tune  

  • Safety inspection
  • Adjust Shifting
  • Adjust Brakes
  • Laterally True Wheels 

Annual Tune $75.00  

  • Includes Level 1+
  • Adjust Headset
  • Adjust Brakes F&R
  • Adjust Shifting F&R
  • Adjust Bottom Bracket
  • Adjust Hubs
  • True Wheels Laterially and radially
  • Lube Chain
  • Wipe Down Frame
  • Test Ride, Checking for proper operation

Major Tune $130

  • Includes Level 2+
  • Remove Drivetrain
  • Kerosene Clean all Drivetrain
  • Ultrasonic Lube all Drive Train parts
  • Reinstall Drivetrain
  • Lube all Cables

Overhaul  $225

  • Includes Level 3+
  • Complete Dissassembly/Reassembly
  • Wax Frame Fork

Rear Shock Overhauls $45.00 (plus parts)

  • Air Sleeve Serivce
  • New seals, oil rings
  • New Oil
  • Pressure Test

Fork Overhauls Varies $45-200

Di2 Bikes + 20. Includes firmware check and upgrade if needed.

E Bikes +25.

Minimum Bench Charge $10


*Some service will expose other areas that may need additional service or require new parts be installed before service can be completed.  We will advise you of this prior to performing any work.
At High Gear Sports we take pride in the quality of our work and take your safety and satifaction very seriously. Give us a try.  We won't let you down!

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 Service  Bike Fit

To help others discover and share in our passion for Cycling and Running
Trough our  professionlism in product, service, and bike fitting expertise!

The bicycle you buy, and where you buy it, has a huge impact on Enjoyment, Comfort and Safety!

We make bike buying easy and fun!Bicycles are fun vehicles that can travel at high speeds and withstand even demanding conditions. To do their best, they need to be constructed of high-quality materials, assembled by competent and trained bicycle mechanics, and properly adjusted to fit you right.

By purchasing your new bike from "High Gear Sports" instead of from a Big Box or "discount" department store you receive numerous important advantages, which we outline here.